Bulk Fixtures

Bulk Foods provide an excellent opportunity to save money for your customers, while simultaneously reducing packaging and resource waste. In addition to increasing your sales and profits. At Bergin we are experts at building and maintaining bulk programs. In this environmentally conscious era bulk programs can provide consumers with an eco friendly solution to meet their grocery needs. As the push for reduced packaging and resource wastes continues, Bergin will strive to help you make your bulk program successful and profitable. We offer a COMPLETE BULK PROGRAM that may include the following services:

  • Bin fixtures can be provided
  • Expert assistance in designing your custom bulk department
  • Hands on involvement in your fixture set-up
  • Twice a year bin cleaning program available
  • Free bin labels
  • Category management of your bulk set
  • A HUGE bulk assortment!
  • Seasonal promotions to drive sales!
  • Commitment to ORGANICS and LOCAL products
  • Twist ties, bags and pens available for customer use



Manufactured Goods

At Bergin we believe that the key to success is high quality fresh product. We do our roasting in house to provide our customers with thousands of pounds of freshly roasted nuts each day. We also supply a variety of packaging options. This allows our customers to sell our fresh roasted nuts, mixes, dried fruit, grains, and candy in new and unique ways. From tubs and clamshells to cello packs and zip bags, we do it all. Bergin understands that food safety is the most important aspect of food manufacturing. We are an ISO 22000 certified company with a well structured HACCP plan. This means we have clean and sanitary facilities. We require certificates of analysis from our vendors, tests for pathogens, and complete internal audits on a regular basis. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped to do the following:

  • Roasting
  • High volume automated runs
  • Low volume hand pack runs
  • A variety of packaging styles
  • Formulate mixes
  • Manufacture nut butters
  • Induction seal packaging
  • Dice product


Private Label

Private labeled packaged goods are a growing trend in today’s market. Bergin is currently producing private labeled items to a variety of retailers. We customize your package to appeal to your market. We work with the customer to create a label that will meet their specifications. We then provide them with an assortment of packaging options in order to ensure that our customers receive a product that meets their needs. Our private label service allows our customers to sell Bergin's high quality product under their own brand name. We strive to assist our customers in growing their business as well as our own.

Food Service

Bergin has been providing fresh produce for over 60 years. We know the importance of supplying locally grown produce whenever possible. We have built our produce legacy by ensuring that our product is fresh. We are available to service our customers with every need. We even have the capability of providing processed produce to our customers. Whether it’s chopped, sliced, or diced we can do it all. At Bergin we are fully committed to the growing effort to provide healthy food options to children. We currently service a large volume of Minnesota schools. Let us help you bring healthy options to your school menu!